A huge thank you to Brodie Rao for coming up with, and sharing Cram with all of us. For sure this tool saved a lot of people a lot of debugging.

So once more, Tank you Brodie!

Also a big thank you, to everybody which took the time, to improve cram and/or prysk.

So without further ado, the contributors:

  • Brodie Rao (Author of Cram)

  • Nicola Coretti (Maintainer & Initiator of Prysk)

  • Steve Losh

  • Alexander Solovyov

  • Daniel Hahler

  • Andrey Vlasovskikh

  • Mehul Kar

  • Nigel Stewart

  • kdreyer-redhat

  • Cédric Duval

  • Douglas Creager

  • Kamil Kisiel

  • PJ Eby

  • Petri Lehtinen

  • Fahmi Ghediri

  • Larsson Rasmus

  • Kian-Meng Ang

  • Christoph Weinsheimer

  • Tomas Janousek

  • Haelwenn Monnier

The most up to date list you’ll find on Github though.